Representation in the media has a major impact on the visibility and the acceptation of a visible minority. In my case, I hadn’t seen any positive representation of trangender characters in my youth. We were always depicted as monsters, people with mental issues, killers, rapists or pedophiles.

This played a major role in how I saw transgender people and as such made me completely dissociate with that aspect of myself. It is only when I saw transgender personalities and positive representation in tv series that I was finally able to break the last barrier and come out to myself and to the world. I could finally identify with someone and it changed my world.

Disclosure is a great documentary about Transgender representation in Hollywood. In the movie, many transgender icons are interviewed and discuss their realities, growing up and faced with how Hollywood depicted them. For me, it is a much watch if you want to understand how important positive representation is for us.


Author: Alice Belanger

Alice Belanger is a transgender video game designer who studied theater production and self-taught game design. She's a lover of art, design and social rights. She is a vocal supporter of equality of gender, race and sex orientation.

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