A How-To Guide for Muslim Representation in Video Games – Osama Dorias

Representation in media is one of my favourite subject as it affected me greatly in my life. Growing up, there weren’t many positive representation of transgender folks in the media and this fed into my own internalized transphobia, repressing my true self.

All visible minority groups are victim of bad representation in media. History is told by the colonizer, by the one controlling power and in the West, it is the hetero white cis man. Folks that are outside of this group, be it women, lgtbq+ folks, POCs all suffer from this.

So, here’s one of the greatest person & speaker I know delivering a GDC talk that shook the game dev community when it was first given.

Osama Dorias is a veteran game designer, he is a loving father, a caregiver, a unifier, an advocate and an educator. He is also Muslim and Iraqi and these 2 last fact are the subject of this talk.


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